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Define and FIND Human Solutions - D-Find

Together with our clients we Define and Find solutions for their business organizations and employees.


D - FIND Human Solutions is a consulting company operating in the “Organizational development” field.

To our clients we offer:
- Expert knowledge;
- An external perspective of the internal challenges they (might) come across;
- Longterm experience in the HR and corporate fields;
We have expert knowledge in the following areas:
-       Interactive trainings:
o  leadership skills
o  sales and customer service
o  communications and personal development (growth)
o  presentational skills
-       Coaching
-       Organizational counseling
Our understanding
We know that the success of a “Human Resources development” project depends on:
1. clear definition of the issue
2. choosing the criteria for success
3. the distribution of roles in the project – these of the consultants, the managers’ and the participants’
4. defining the accompanying actions to be taken by the client, aligned with the project's aim
5. professional training of our consultants
6. correct execution of the planned actions
7. maintaining an ethical relationship with the client

All of the above you will have while working with us.

about us

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Denislava Nikolaeva

HR consultant, trainer & coach

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Tatyana Dobreva

business trainer & coach

My name is Denislava Nikolaeva. I work in the Personal Development field, conducting consultations, trainings and coaching for business organizations and their employees. The past 20 years of corporate experience have thought me that the external perspective combined with an expert knowledge I provide my clients with during our interactions, have added a tremendous value to the process of finding the best solution.
I have chosen ”D-Find” - Define and Find as the name for the consulting company I've established, as from my perspective finding the exact definition of both the problem and the desired outcome is a milestone in reaching the best solution. During the next steps, it is our goal to find the right tool - training or coaching, that will help us reach the desired outcome however there is always a probability that we will come to the conclusion that the organization needs something that is outside the human resources field.

I have a Master's degree in Law as well as a Master's degree in Applied Psychology. I have also received a certification for successfully completing the business coaching training program offered by Erikson Coaching International, Canada.


My name is Tatyana Dobreva and I work with people and organizations towards achieving professional and personal goals via trainings and coaching. I strive towards boosting the improvement, enrichment and the realization of individuals’ potential in the organization, thus straightening the interpersonal relationships that are vital for maintaining a productive work environment.

My experience has proven, that my open-minded professional standpoint, focused on the desired outcome is a valuable contribution for my clients. It is also a necessary element playing a significant role in the development process and supports a positive attitude in structuring the thoughts, demeanor and emotions that we all bring into our daily professional and personal ventures.

I am currently enrolled in a Master’s degree in Development Psychology at NBU, Sofia. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics from the Veliko Tarnovo University. In addition I have completed the life coaching training program offered by Erikson Coaching International, Canada.

our services

  • Training Programs:

“People management” Field

    • Basic management skills
    • The manager as a coach
    • How to conduct yearly appraisal meetings. Strategic feedback and feedforward giving
    • Cross-Generational Leadeship
    • Intrviewing skills

“Personal Development” Field

  • Effective Communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Running Effective meetings

 “Public speaking, Running presentions and interactive trainings” Field

  • Presentational Skills
  • Train the Trainer
  • On the job training
  • Mentoring
  • Creative training techniques
  • Training needs analysis
  • Fascilitation discussions skills

“Sales and customer service” Field

  • Customer service
  • Objection handeling
  • Sales skills development
  • Coaching
III. Organizational counseling




hr trainings



Varna, Bulgaria
66, Slivnitsa Blvd.

Cell: +359 89 438 75 28
e-mail: dnikolaeva@d-find.org